My advice for the first three questions was base on Vallerand’s three characteristics of passionate activity: pleasure, values, and commitment. The fourth question is relate to Vallerand’s claim that passion tends to be tie to our identity . Of course, question number 2 is an important part of this – choosing an activity that aligns with and helps us clarify our values ​​is important because values ​​are an important part of identity . But beyond its value, routine is an often overlooke part of identity. What we engage in on a regular basis plays an important part in our self-awareness and how we think about ourselves. Let’s take two people: Toomas is obsesse with running: he reads running magazines, has the latest and greatest running gear, and talks about running to almost everyone he meets.

A passion means looking for an activity

He runs at the gym every day, but usually only for 15 minutes before he decides to start a running conversation with someone. Anneli is a 52-year-old high school chemistry teacher. Every morning before work, he puts on his running shoes phone number list and goes for a 5-kilometer run on the trails near his home. He rarely talks about it. But he has been running every day for 25 years straight. a runner? While values ​​are an important part of identity, consistent behavior or routines are just as important, if not more important. Finding that can be easily turne into a routine – something you can do consistently.

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Which person would you call

If this is possible it is much more likely to become part of your identity. Imagine that you are intereste and care a lot about traveling and getting to know AUB Directory new places, people and cultures. For many of us, it’s difficult to just pick up and travel, even semi-regularly. For a number of reasons, most of us can’t just hop on a plane and explore new countries every few weeks.

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