E_home was the proposal of the team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the Solar Decathlon . It is a prefabricated RE_home house that stands out for offering a practical and quick solution for a family affected a natural disaster. For this reason its design is made up of two modules that are easily transportable trailer truck. But we must not forget the commitments to sustainability and ease acquired in its construction. RE_home-casa-Illinois-Solar Decathlon2011 In total.  This home occupies an area of ​​almost 91m with enough space for a family of four.

Architecture against tornadoes

This futuristic design corresponds to that of a prefabricated house specially designed to protect itself from tornadoes and hurricanes. That virtue is not Givenits aerodynamic design, but  a hydraulic system. Faced with RE_home  the threat of a tornado Australia Number Data the Tornado Proof House takes shelter in an underground shelter . casa-futurista-anti_tornado-10_Design Of course this idea is based on a lot of technology. It must be clarified that not all areas of the home are located in this beautiful capsule that retracts. The most secondary functions  services, storage in fixed underground areas. The most lively area is the one at the top, enjoying the landscape and the outdoors.

Inside a prefabricated house workshop

This article is dedicated to all those people who have ever wondered what a prefabricated house production workshop is like inside . Here you will see a video. it is short, but it was filmed at the ZETA company facilities. It gives a pretty good idea of ​​all the advantages of constructing buildings with this technology.  Among which. We highlight traditional-prefabricated shorter execution times. The weather does not affect the pace of work.  Australia Number Data Greater quality control over the materials used. Assembly and finishes It favors greater use of materials In other words.


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