Prevailing wisdom or best practices might suggest a bright-color CTAButton, for example, when your audience actually clicks more on a more neutral colorway. shrug emoji: The only way to find out is to test. Email quality assurance (QA): now it’s time to make sure you’ve dott every i and cross every t, metaphorically speaking. It’s no surprise that here at email on acid, we advocate for testing every email (and then testing again). This checklist is here to help make sure you don’t forget a single item before you press send: approve your email with the rest of the team. Email marketing takes a village.

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Even if you’re an email team of one, this step is a great time to pause and take a break before continuing. Give yourself some space so that you can come back with fresh eyes on design, copy, and code. For larger teams, share your final design for feback and approval before moving forward. Preview your email across every email client and device. Email previews give you an idea of what your HTML email will look like when it is open b2b leads in different email clients and devices. Email clients, like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook, differ in how they display the same email message because HTML and CSS handling aren’t standardiz in email clients the same way they are on most web browsers.

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Previews help you determine whether or not your code is working as it should. Is anything looking weird or wonky? Have images been validat for proper rendering? Did the fallbacks work for dynamic or interactive content? Is mobile responsiveness working? This is your chance to double-check every part of the email campaign. One final check of your email content previews can help you spot errors, but it’s not the only tool worth AUB Directory using before you send it to your subscribers. Check that all of your links are working and tracking is firing with url validation; run your email copy through spell check one more time; and double check any templat sections of your email, like your social sharing links, unsubscribe functionality, and your logo.

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