Calculation, an SEO expert must have it in mind A web referencing strategy must be, at some point, measured in order to assess the return on investment. The choice of keywords is decisive in a content marketing strategy , and it is up to the SEO expert to do this! The keywords will help generate qualified traffic and subsequently obtain new leads. You now understand why the SEO must know how to master the selection and integration of keywords. If your SEO expert does not know how to evaluate the results well, you can deduce that his strategy is unreliable.

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Beyond his skills, what qualities should an SEO expert have? As you will have understood, having experience is not a luxury for the job of SEO. Understanding the different issues and evolutions of SEO requires having a bit of a bottle, as Latest Mailing Database they say. He must obviously have a good command of SEO techniques and web languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, etc. But he must also have knowledge of communication, marketing and ICT law .How are banks and insurance companies reinventing their communication.

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While the levels of trust in these sectors are often up and down, social networks precisely make it possible to re-enchant AUB Directory communication. Thanks to this lever, banks and insurance companies improve their image with their subscribers, interact with them and generate interest. Used well, this lever can even lead to the conversion of leads into visits to the website, or even direct sales. However, a simple presence on social networks is not enough.

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