Accessing metrics, measuring results and analyzing other information becomes a process with greater potential for converting into profit , extending the effectiveness of campaign investments over time! Tip: Everything about Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing! Because it has better value for money Compared to running advertisements.

More traditional channels such as radio

 I’m also not saying that Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing , quite the opposite! Good projects use all available tools to make objectives a reality. The difference is really in cost-benefit : in the size of the return you get for the money new database you invest — something that in Digital Marketing is an almost always exponential advantage . How a content empire increased sales by 1783% Because success stories show that it’s worth it.

More customers and multiplying sales

 Because Marketing is Marketing! There is no rivalry between Traditional and Digital : the fundamentals (the most important concepts for the success of a business) are the same! The difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing is that, in digital marketing, your company gains access to dozens of tools that AUB Directory only exist in the Internet environment . So, if you are afraid to invest in Digital Marketing because you think it is a risky bet, change that now.

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