How to optimize the SEO of your content in 5 steps

Today I bring you a basic and simple How to guide, so that if you have no idea about SEO and, honestly, you are a little too lazy to start taking an. SEO course right now (which I know you always leave for later), you can. Optimize your content quickly and improve the positioning of your posts and pages. Ready? Rock&Roll Article Index [ hide ] What does it mean to optimize your content for. SEO? Step 1. Identify Indexing errors .Step 2. Create quality and relevant content Step 3. Think about keywords Step 4. Give it the structure that Google wants Step 5. Linkbuilding, look for quality links. Conclusion What does How to it mean to optimize your content for SEO? Well, it means writing so that Google “ sees us favorably .

What does it mean to optimize your content for SEO?

Nowadays it is not enough to write interesting company data content, you must take into account how Google finds, categorizes and “rates” us in a search. We must improve our content and the website on which it is located to gain visibility in. How to search results. And these optimizations are increasingly important, especially today when we find ourselves with great competition in any sector. If we don’t work on. SEO, it is almost impossible to get into the first results of Google. If you manage to write thinking about your audience but also about .Google, you will be able to improve your positioning. Step 1. Identify Indexing errors.

Identify Indexing errors

One of the first actions we must do is check the status of the content we already have published, in order to “fix” any problem we may have before starting to create new content. When I talk about How to Indexing, I mean that Google has our content (the URL of that content) in its database and thus can begin to position itself for the keywords we want. Come on, our content is on Google ready to be shown. We have to check that our content is indexed and has no AUB Directory errors . We can do it quickly at a glance by entering “ site: ” in Google followed by the url that we want to see if it is indexed. If a search result appears, it is. But the best way is to go into Search Console and check it in “ inspect URL ”, at the top of the bar. 

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