Bulldog is a digital marketing and communication agency active on the market since . It deals with digital strategy, content marketing, social mia and digital PR, SEM, e mail marketing, sites, business intelligence. It works in all sectors and has been chosen by clients such as AVIS Nazionale, AXA, Berta lotto, BMW Group Italia, Consecution, Engel&Voelkers Italia, Evolver, Wekiva, Fungivore Monte Bianco, Gruppe Cardias Richetite, Gruppe Villa diester, Italia’s, Korean Italia , Milano Unico, RAI, Sorge Nia, Veronafiere and many others. Who is Lynx Group with a turnover of over million euros and more than , employees, of which % in Italy, is present in Europe and South America.

Popular among VIPs and celebrities

Specializes in the design and creation of digital solutions, to photo editing servies support large operating companies in the energy & utilities, banking & finance, insurance and public administration sectors. The Group’s service offering is structur to satisfy all customer nes management and technical consultancy, digital transformation, cyber security, CRM management, system integration, application production & maintenance and, from today, digital marketing and digital communication. Google MUM arrives, the new algorithm for complex searches Publication date A new technology that helps users find answers to increasingly complex queries, using artificial intelligence On the occasion of the latest Google I/O conference.


The Mountain View giant announc the AUB Directory arrival of a new algorithm that will replace BERT . The latest arrival, call Google Multitask Unifi Model MUM focuses on artificial intelligence and was develop to answer complex questions that usually cannot receive direct answers. While waiting for its release, let’s try to understand what Google MUM is , how it works and why its arrival is expect to be revolutionary. WHAT IS GOOGLE MUM? MUM USES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO IMPROVE SEARCH RESULTS A thousand times more powerful than BERT . Thus, Pandu Nayak , vice president of Google Search, call the new Google search algorithm MUM BLOGS Bulldog.

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