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Google now offers a ” Related Items ” category, which appears below your image search. This feature, currently only available on mobile, allows Internet users to directly consult and buy products found on an image resulting from their Google search. Handy if you fell in love with Robert Pattinson’s shoes, but above all, very handy for increasing visibility for e-merchants ! Similar items, how does it work? Thanks to a visual recognition system, the algorithm identifies the products found in a photo, to offer them to the Internet user, in the form of a carousel of images.

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Thus, he can find under his search the different products that constitute it, as well as their price and a link to the site where to buy phone number list them . It will thus be possible to obtain the fashion accessories of your favorite stars, simply by clicking on the corresponding links below the image! Google does not consider these similar articles as advertising, but rather as a response to a certain expectation of Internet users concerning the development of the Images section for this purpose. Fortunately, Similar Items don’t just work for designer bags, and you can find items from any site you search for.

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The feature is currently in development, and is currently only available for fashion accessories – such as shoes, glasses or handbags. It should AUB Directory extend to other more varied elements in the coming months, and will soon extend to decoration and interior design, the subject of many inspirational searches on Google! An opportunity to exploit for e-merchants We can immediately imagine the many opportunities that this can create for e-commerce, but to be sure that our articles appear well in these similar articles, we must first of all optimize them for search, by making available a certain number of data.

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