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 The establishment of a pull system —— will only submit the work to the board of directors when the team is capable of completing the work. Set in the product (WIP) Restrictions to keep work going smoothly, highlighting bottlenecks and obstacles to slowing progress. This can help you stay agile and gradually complete your work. There is no correct or wrong way to set the boardkeeping method-define it to suit your way of working.

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Add as many columns as necessary to reflect the steps in the workflow. Then add a card to  latest database represent the actual work project. As the work progresses, the board of directors is kept up-to-date to improve visibility and collaboration. If you need more dynamic views that are updated in real time as work progresses, please try Aha!The board of view!Roadmap and aha!development. Best practices Visualize your workflow and limit WIP to increase productivity.

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Define your workflow mark vertically to indicate the steps in the workflow. Choose colors for columns and work items so that the team can easily understand the progress. Set WIP restrictions, stipulating how many cards can be in each state at any given time. Capture your backlog and use sticks to   AUB Directory  indicate actual work items-such as epic, function, or user stories-and pressPrioritize them. When the team is capable, pull the work to the board and focus on the completion before starting new things.

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