What is the importance of quality. This memory claim be made for non-compliance with the quality report? Is it possible to terminate the contract with the promoter. Why is it so important to have this document? What materials are in fashion in new construction homes. In the interiors common areas or even the facilities that the house will have. The promoter has the obligation to deliver it to the client free of charge.

What does the term similar mean?

Most quality reports, promoters use the term similar since some materials can be changed for others as the work progresses. Despite this What they cannot do is choose qualities that are worse than those agreed upon, but must be equal to or superior India Mobile Number Data  to those originally established. Without entailing an extra cost for the buyer. Can a claim be made for non-compliance with the quality report? In the event that, once the house is delivered to the buyer and it is verified that the qualities are not those signed, the buyer can make a claim.

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What other data can the quality report include?

Along with the elements that are going to be used. It is also common for other related data of interest to appear, such as payments, financing or common areas. The more data available about the property, the more attractive it is for the interested party Iran Phone Number List for this reason. It is increasingly common for these papers to reflect information such as whether the neighborhood is close or far from school, public transportation, leisure areas.

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