Eitor’s note: Click here for the latest version of this post . Key performance indicators. (KPIs) are only effective if you. Actively measure them. Key performance indicators help provide insight into whether your marketing efforts are effective or if you. Key Performance Indicators – Choose the KPI option that works best for you. Nee to take a different approach. For example. if one of your campaigns is negatively impacting your ROI. the sooner you know. the better. Marketers who measure KPIs frequently can more easily identify bad campaigns and switch them off before they affect their ultimate goals. Similarly. promising campaigns can be further investigate through positive key performance indicators.

CathyMcPhillips vice president of

Marketing at CMI. emphasizes the importance of measuring your marketing efforts with a simple plan to Special Database measure the marketing effectiveness of your content. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to measure the results of your content marketing efforts so you can continually learn what your audience likes and use that information to continually improve.” “You can.” says Kathy. “The results Happier prospects. happier customers. and happier management.” Measuring the results of your contentmarketing activities is important. says cmcphillips. Click to Tweet If you’re not actively measuring your KPIs. you’re missing out on opportunities to improve your business’ bottom line. Each KPI is also a useful reporting metric for

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support their work. What is the conclusion Choose KPIs that you actively measure and stick to them. Link marketing AUB Directory objectives to the right KPIs Not every marketing campaign starts with a perfect set of goals. Sometimes you nee to make a few tweaks along the way. Only when you associate the right KPIs with your goals will you know if you are chasing the right goals. In some cases. marketers create a bunch of random key performance indicators for show-and-tell. but if they don’t match their goals. they mean little in the long run. If you’re only reporting KPIs for reporting purposes. you’re hurting your business. If you’re only reporting KPIs for reporting purposes. you’re hurting your business. mikeonlinecoachClick to Tweet “Unfortunately. there’s no magic formula for identifying the key

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