One of the essential elements to take into account when buying or selling a property is its surface area. And it is normal for people to be interested. In knowing the size of the property they intend to live in. Although the surface area of ​​a house is normally identified with. A numerical quantity expressed in square meters. It is important to keep in mind that in terms of built homes. A  distinction is made between useful and built. These types present different legal consequences in the tax, notarial and registry fields. In addition, they are of great importance to know the true physical space of the property. To begin, it is important to clarify that the notions of these different types arise from the legal regulations of different matters related to the real estate sector, such as Cadastral Law, Mortgage Law and Registry Law. This implies that there is a regulatory framework that refers to the size of the house and therefore we must resort to the applicable standard, depending on the specific case.

What is the useful surface?

In this way we can find a concept in Order ECO/805/2003, of March 27, on standards for the valuation of real estate and certain rights for certain financial purposes. According to this standard, the floor surface. The space defined by the interior face  Germany Phone Number Data of the external envelopes of a building or an element of a building. From this definition it emerges that it is the measurement. The interior space of a house, that is, the measurement of the floor of the interior area of ​​the perimeter, which we can “step on”, and which constitutes the area through which we move and that we use. At the same time, according to the provisions of the aforementioned standard, we must also consider balconies.

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Concept of constructed area

Nor should we consider as useful that which is occupied by fixed interior enclosures, vertical structural elements. For example, pillars or columns, pipes or ducts with a horizontal section greater than 100 square centimeters and the extension. Of the floor whose free height is less than 1.5 meters. The aforementioned order also refers to this type Hong Kong Phone Number List  saying that it is the measure of the useful surface, plus 100% of that made up of the exterior façade or party wall enclosures and 50% of the enclosures shared with other elements of the same building. In this way, we can say that the built is the sum of the useful and the exterior enclosures. In short, it is the measurement of the total perimeter of the property.

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