IKEA talks about death divorce and alcoholism to illustrate the disastrous

Death, divorce, bankruptcy, alcoholism and the pandemic are not the most jubilant themes for a furniture advertisement (whose purchase we generally associate with moments of joy and excitement). But it is precisely these themes that IKEA focuses on . Campaign to sell the benefits of its furniture recycling program. The campaign, released in Norway, puts the spotlight on “The Life Collection 2022. A collection of furniture found in people’s homes and recovered by IKEA for a myriad of reasons.

The campaign is signed by the Norwegian agency Try Oslo

Which last year showed how to breathe new category email list life into abandoned furniture in the piece “The Trash Collection” . The spot that constitutes the central axis of the IKEA. Campaign is impregnated with the (perfectly on-point) chords of a cover of the. Iconic Simple Minds song ” Don’t You Forget About Me. Also part of the campaign are a series of print ads that show furniture rescued. IKEA from the homes of their former owners with legends such as “Sober Collection”, “Divorce Collection” or “Death Collection”.

We wanted to show how for us furniture is not necessarily forever

Initially launched in Norway, the AUB Directory campaign is actually designed for the global market. So it could soon reach more countries. ,explains Roberto Giannone. Global marketing director at IKEA. “Our second-hand stores are necessary because. The agency has once again worked with the same directors of “The Trash Collection. Sometimes unexpected things happen in life and because we need to treat furniture in a more sustainable way,” he adds.

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