The Dictionary of African Christian Biography and the Story of and a coauthor article entitl Indigenous and Vernacular Christianity in the WileyBlackwell Companion to World Christianity . More recently she publish a chapter in African Christian Biography Stories Lives and Challenges. Cluster entitl Pointillist History and the Essential Role of Biography in the Dictionary of African Christian. Biography and contributions to France in the. World Christian Encyclopia . Book chapters include Trinity in a Womans Soul Recovering aShanghai Brothels Spirit Baptisms The Door of Hope Women as a Source for Pentecostal Ressourcement in Sisters Mothers Daughters Pentecostal Perspectives on Violence Against Women . Relocating World Christianity Interdisciplinary Studies in Universal and Local Expressions of the Christian Faith Leiden Brill . Michael Palmer Mark Cartlge Kimrly Alexander and Melissa Archer Leiden Brill . .

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Mission in Jan Hus Dcerka The Daughter in SixteenthCentury Mission Global Mission in the Age of Reformations Lexham Press and Friends for. Mission milie Mallet Hong Kong Phone Number List and Alrtine de Broglie in Unlikely Friends How God Uses BoundaryCrossing. Friendships to Transform the World Pickwick Publications . Email dacbbu.u CHCD Project Manager Greta Rauch Greta Rauch is the Project Manager for the China Historical Christian Database and a PhD student in Boston.

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Studying with Eugenio Menegon. Greta receiv her undergraduate degree in Computer Science. with a supplemental major in Chinese from the University of Notre Dame. Her undergraduate. thesis studi the theme of suffering in Su Xuelins novel Heart of Thorns a semiautobiographical. work about a May AUB Directory Fourth0 intellectual who converts to Catholicism. Book Reviews Forth. Ji Li . Missions trangres de Paris MEP and China from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Leiden Brill xx. Amos Yong Mission After Pentecost The Witness of the Spirit from Genesis to Revelation Grand Rapids MI Baker Academic . Joel Cabrita David Maxwell and Emma WildWood s.

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