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 Competency-based questions assess the ability of candidates to perform certain tasks and meet certain criteria based on competency-based issues. These problems usually start with the phrase “ you have any idea about ” or “ how you will handle ”. Competency-based questions help to assess candidates’ ability to think critically and solve problems. Closed question Closed question is a question that can be answered with “ is ” or “ whether” or specific information.

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 These questions are often used to gather factual information special data about the candidate Open questions Open questions are questions that cannot be answered with yes or no or with specific information. These questions are often used to elicit a more detailed answer from the candidate Exploratory Questions Exploratory questions are designed to get more information from the candidate. These questions usually start with a phrase like “ you can tell me more about ” or “ you mean ”.

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Exploratory questions help get candidates to elaborate on their answers Follow-up questions are intended to further explore candidates’ responses to previous questions. These questions are usually given as “ Can you give me an example?” Or “ what AUB Directory happened next?” Start of phrase like that. Follow-up questions help clarify the candidate’s answer and get more information How to have a structured interview Now that you know what type of questions to ask, it’s time to learn how to have a structured interview.

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