As a social media manager, one of my recurring nightmares is being pulled into a meeting with executives and asked to prove our social media ROI.

This scenario haunts me, and not because I don’t believe in the value of social. Proving ROI is a multi-step process with several variables, inputs and considerations. Still, I know that social does make an impact.

I’m not alone on this, either.

Agree that social media delivers positive returns

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps to calculate and improve your social media ROI including a list of our go-to tools. Nightmares begone!

ROI stands for return on investment. For our purposes, social media ROI means the b2b email list business value returned from social media marketing and advertising. In other words, social media ROI measures the results of social media marketing compared to its costs.

It’s a way to assess whether

Here’s a simple formula to calculate social media ROI: Social media ROI Value generated from social media – Costs of social media investment / Costs  Here’s what the components of the formula mean: Value generated from social media. The definition of value varies from business to business. Value AUB Directory can include increased sales, leads, conversions, or cost savings due to effective social media engagement. We expand on this more below. Costs of social media investment. This means all costs associated with executing your social media strategy. It can include advertising budgets, content creation costs, employee salaries, software & tool subscriptions, and other resources related to social media activities. The result of the formula is usually expressed as a percentage.

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