This or this influencer must align with the pre-established values ​​and objectives, since it will be the image of the influencer. Without a doubt, influencers are a great communication vehicle for a brand’s products or services and, likewise, a great showcase to reach more people, achieving How choose perfect greater reach and impact. But what is an influencer, what types are there and how to choose the perfect influencer? In this post we tell you EVERYTHING, step by step, so that you don’t miss anything. Let’s go, baby! Surely you are also interested in: Who are micro and nano influencers and why are they so important? 4 top strategies to succeed with influencer marketing Heepsy: the best tool to search for influencers Step by step to choose the perfect influencer for your brand What is an influencer? Let’s start at the beginning, friend. Surely you know this, but to improve your health: what is an influencer? When we talk about “influencer”, we are referring to opinion generators, bloggers, journalists, celebrities, etc. According to the Word Observatory.

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Anglicism refers to a person with the ability to influence others, mainly through social networks. On the one hand, influencers help give visibility to brands , recommending their products or services and reaching a larger target. In addition, they can help create or maintain a good brand reputation company data and increase customer or consumer trust. On the other hand, they usually have a large volume of followers , a fact that affects the influence they have. They are capable of generating all kinds of reactions in people or in their communities. This influence can be reflected in the engagement they have (comments, likes, reach, etc.). Therefore, it will be vital that you find an influencer who has a good reputation on social networks, with a high volume of followers, with good engagement and with the ability to connect and move their audience, in order to generate good.

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Types of influencers You should choose an influencer who is TOP for your brand, that is, someone close, aligned with your values ​​and who is credible when recommending or using the recommended products or services. For better understanding, we are going to classify them into three types AUB Directory Global influencers : They do not focus solely on one topic or are not directly associated with a sector. Examples? Actors, celebrities, journalists, etc. Vertical influencers : they are associated with a theme or sector (fashion, sports, lifestyle, nutrition, etc.). Internal influencers : they are part of companies, such as employees or CEOs. If, for example, you recommend a piece of furniture, a vertical or internal influencer.

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