How Does Amp Affect Website Positioning

The first thing you need to know is that AMP only works for websites on mobile devices. It Will Therefore Only Affect Mobile. Search Rankings. Currently, the Amp Format. Itself Has No Impact on Website Positioning , but There is Nothing Stopping. You From Changing This in the Near Future.

By using AMP, you can see an increase in organic traffic and conversions, improved page performance, reduced bounce rates, and increased user engagement rates.

Why use AMP?
Even though the AMP format does not currently affect website rankings, there are many reasons to use it:

thanks to AMP you will increase the loading speed of your website, which will affect the ranking of search results.

What is the difference between

Pages containing structured data will be able to appear in expanded search results; the AMP Whatsapp Data format is not too demanding and does not need many tools to function;

AMP handles JavaScript errors effectively;
AMP pages can be customized using Google Search Console or WordPress.

For a long time, many website owners didn’t know anything about how the AMP format worked for their website. Initially, no one wanted to use it, but this is slowly starting to change.

Amp-based Websites and Other Websites

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AMP is becoming more and more popular and you can even see an increase in the position of such a website in search results.

If you want to start using AMP on your website, it’s worth AUB Directory asking an experienced team of SEO experts for help . They will certainly know how to help you and advise you on even the smallest issues related to AMP.

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If you don’t use this tool, you can go to the original AMP page for more information on how to integrate it yourself using hard code. Unfortunately, it may take a little longer than with WordPress, but you’ll see that it’s worth it.

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