Google Analytics is a Basic Analytical Tool Among Marketers, Specialists, Webmasters, and Google Ads Specialists . Provides Reports and Statistics on User Behavior on the Website, Demographics, Interactions With Paid Advertising, and Traffic Sources.
Thanks to Such Information, You Can Draw Conclusions and Analyze the Effectiveness of Activities and, of Course, if Necessary, Modify Them Accordingly.

Google Analytics what is it

One of the Hottest Topics in 2022 and whatsapp database at the Turn of 2022 and 2023 in the Environment Was the Announcement of the Transition to a New Version of the Tool, I.e. Google Analytics 4. From July 2023, the Previous Version Will No Longer Be Available, So Data Migration and Switching to Ga4 Are Inevitable.
Google Claims That the New Version of the Service is a Completely Different, Fresh Look at Collecting and Analyzing Data. The New System is a Response to Changes in User Behavior. o.

Google Analytics 4 and the website positioning process

In Short, Google Analytics 4 Helps You Aub Directory Analyze the Effectiveness of Your Activities and Monitor the Development of Your Website in the Search Engine. What Exactly Will Google’s Free Service Allow You to Check? traffic  the Acquisition Tab You Will Find a Report Informing About New Users and Traffic Sources. This Will Allow You to Check How Many Visitors to Your Website Come to It From the Search Engine, I.e. From Organic Results.

You Can Generate a Report for a Specific Time Period. This Will Allow You to Assess Whether Your Positioning Strategy is Working and Translates Into More Organic Traffic on Your the Engagement Tab You Get Access to Reports on User Behavior on the Website. The System Allows You to Check, Among Others:
What is the Average User Engagement Time in the Selected Period how Many Sessions There Were With User Engagement in a Specific Time Period,

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