What are the most common hidden defects in a home.  Can hidden defects in a house be claimed? Steps to claim hidden defects in a home Idyllic and perfect properties at first glance. Which may suffer damage or defects in the future. Beyond aesthetics. The essential to pay attention to each and every detail of the property to be acquired. Hidden defects are defects that can appear in the home and that are not easily perceived or detected.  The passage of time. Whether in a second-hand house. Where they are more common. Or in a newly built property.  Problems are experienced once the client. Or tenant begins to live in it or carries out a renovation. Therefore, it occurs once the contract has been signed, the mortgage requested, the property registered.

What are the most common hidden defects in a home?

For the most part, hidden defects appear due to defects in the materials used or poor practices regarding the construction and/or arrangement of the property. Defective paints that crack or, for example, pipes that rust, more quickly and produce irregularities in the supply. In addition, they can also arise from misuse of the facilities by tenants. Whatever the cause, the most Greece Phone Number Data  common hidden defects occur: Caused by water , due to deteriorated or poor condition pipes. Such as leaks, leaks or humidity. Whether in the property itself or caused to another neighbor or the neighborhood. Produced by an incorrect foundation and finishes with imperfections.

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How to detect hidden defects before purchasing a home?

Much more so when it dazzles and seduces the client, seeing in it everything he was looking for. Whether it is a good presentation, features, modern architecture or very equipped. The advantages can blind the client when it comes to thoroughly inspecting the property and locating defects. In order not to fail and make a  India Phone Number List purchase without any problem in the short and medium term, the most important thing is to follow some recommendations. Not so much for new construction developments, which have passed strict controls, both legal and internal security, but, above all, for second-hand ones. Although, at first glance, it may seem like an extra expense.

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