When it comes to the financial industry, I find that the most common and important goal for my clients is to “build credibility.” I believe it is equally important as a content writer and editor to establish the same credibility with my financial clients. Most people don’t realize the level of research that goes into an article, whether it’s an e-book, a white paper, or a 500-word blog post. We spend a lot of time embedding ourselves in the financial world to grasp concepts and services. But that’s not the end of it.

We see financial news through their

Part of my team’s job is to keep an eye on updates across the economy, and we can do a good job of dissecting market trends from different customer perspectives across business lines. Early on in a relationship with a new client, I share with them my perspective on how industry updates relate to their work, whether they are wholesale home loans or operating in a more consumer-oriented space, at some point in the early conversation. moment. On the one hand, this creates a quick conversation that gets us on the same page, and on the other hand, hints at changes in mortgage rates or Fed monetary policy, reassuring them that they can trust my expertise.

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We trust our writing instincts

My team is made up of experienced and confident writers. We show our customers that we know their world, but more importantly, we show them that we’re ready to take over our content. Doing so can help build trust with an outsider if there is any doubt about his or her ability to write tax reports, risk assessments, or any other delicate topic If those readers are primarily financial advisors, the tone of the content will be completely different than if it’s for an audience of mid-sized bank clients. No matter who the audience is, the end goal is the same:

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