As smartphone displays have gotten bigger, they’ve also had problems with one-handed use. To solve the situation, OEMs like Samsung, OPPO, etc. have one-handed mode in their skins. Essentially, this feature shrinks the screen to better accommodate one-sided usability. However, Android does not yet have its own feature. The Android 12 Developer Preview gives us our first look at native one-handed mode on Android. Google closed Android 12 Developer Preview 1 on Thursday, February 18, while the company published a list of future functions, it revealed some for users.

Now, XDA-Developer’s Mishaal Rahman has taken the mode one-handed

According to him, this feature is USA Mobile Number Database similar to Apple’s Reachability, which shrinks the screen neither horizontally nor vertically. The latter is found in the monochromatic mode of most OEMs, including Samsung and OPPO. Here’s Android 12’s one-handed mode – fully functional. Unfortunately, it’s like Apple’s reach (vertical attenuation) rather than the OHM in most OEM software (both horizontal and vertical attenuation).  Mishaal Rahman Mishaal Rahman) February 18, 2021 Unfortunately, in Android 12’s native one-way mode, instead of shrinking the display both vertically and horizontally to make it easier to reach with the thumb.

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The display is only scaled vertically, which is easier to reach

However, it seems that Google is working Australia Phone Number List on this feature, as it has not yet been made available to users in this Developer Preview. That said, it’s a step in the right direction and puts Google handily ahead of Apple in terms of its phone’s usability. However, there is also a possibility of completely eliminating this feature. So, we recommended you to backup all your data on Android to your Google drive. This way you will never open your contacts and you can even recover deleted contacts from your phone. Read our detailed guide How to backup contacts on any Android phone. We hope that one of these fixes would have fixed the missing contacts from your Android smartphone. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks like this.

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