If you How to have a company or a local business, you. You are interested in improving your positioning Therefore, at the local level, which means improving your local SEO, and for, This you can do many actions, today I am going to explain one of them: geolocate an image or photo. It is a very simple and free action, so you have no excuse not to do it and you can start working on your positioning. Not bad eh, let’s go there. Ready? Rock, And Roll! Article Index [ hide ] What is the Geolocation Therefore, of an Image? Why Geolocate your images and photos? Method, Geolocate a photo or image step by step with Geoimgr Method 2. Geolocate a photo or image for free with.

What is the Geolocation of an Image?

Local Rocket (my favorite option) To end executive data What is the Geolocation of an Image? Geolocation of an image or photo is a Therefore, technique that consists of. How to putting in the image metadata the latitude and longitude in which the photo was taken. That is, it consists of putting data in the image that says exactly where the photo was taken. Visually nothing changes, but. How to this location is written in the image metadata and Google can see it. It is interesting to know that when we take a photo with Therefore, a mid-high range mobile phone, if we have geolocation active on the phone, we normally incorporate that data into the photos automatically, but if this is not the case, we must geolocate them manually.

Why Geolocate your images and photos?

Why Geolocate your images and photos? It is important because if we have a business Therefore, we are interested in Google relating us to our city , not only AUB Directory in searches of the type “keyword + location” but in all of them, since any search we do, Google geolocates it to give you the most relevant results in that moment. To improve our local positioning, we need a local SEO strategy that helps us relate our website and our content to our city and within this strategy, a very interesting action that we can carry out is the geolocation of the images that we Therefore, upload to our site. Web. So, is it necessary to geolocate all the photos I use on my website? Well, I advise you that if your website has a very local component. 

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