Forces the filesystem method direct ssh ftpext or ftpsockets define. to root installation. Directory define. FTPBASE. Pathto. WordPress absolute path to wpcontent directory define. FTPCONTENTDIR pathtoword. Presswpcontent absolute path to wpplugins directory define. FTPPLUGINDIR pathto. WordPresswp contentplugins absolute path to. Your SSH public key defineFTPPUBKEY absolute path to your SSH. Private key defineFTPPRIVKEY.  Homeusername.sshidrsa either your .FTP or SSH username defineFTPUSER username.Origin.  Thanks if you can point me to a fix or relevant info you may have Stu Reply .

password for FTPUSER username

FTPPASS password hostn ameport combo for your SSHFTP server define FTPHOST Hosted with by WPCode click Use in WordPress Note Dont Switzerland Phone Number List forget to replace the. WordPress path and with your own FTP Host information. . Allow Automatic Database Repair WordPress comes with a builtin feature to automatically optimize and repair WordPress database. Could you please guide me Here are a few page urls of my site Reply WPBeginner SupportSep at pm Try these WordPress troubleshooting tips step by step and see if it resolves your issue.

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To enable this feature you

Reply GopalSep at am My WordPress website adds weird numbers as suffix to every page URL. Why is it happening I changed the permalinks settings to display post names it didnt help. Dont AUB Directory forget to replace with your own domain name. You will see a simple page with the options to repair or repair and optimize the database. You dont need to be logged in to access this page. Optimize and repair WordPress database . Increase PHP Memory Limit Some of the most common WordPress errors are caused by PHP memory exhausted. You can increase the PHP memory limit through wpconfig.php fileHypezSep at pm They can verufy the information in the wpconfig.php if the password or database names correspond and change them if not.

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