If the product is independently designed by a friend, or has a patent. We can prevent follow-up sales by selling these products, and try not to sell popular products. When choosing a category, try to focus on a variety of products: 3. Match sales When the product itself is popular, we can sell it in the form of matching, which can effectively avoid infringement. If they insist on continuing to sell our products, customers will complain to the seller on Amazon if they find that the product is incorrect after receiving the product, which can also serve the purpose of driving him away.

we use the packaging as the main

It can be seen that on the basis of matching sales, this seller also printed the logo on the product, which effectively. Improved the product visibility while preventing follow-up sales. 4. The  Phone Number List packaging comes with its own logo When there is a logo on the packaging or product, image. If the customer receives inconsistent packaging, we will also complain to Amazon and the seller.

When the product is put into the

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Transparency Plan and Plan Zero. There are two types of plans: Transparency Plan and Zero Plan, both of which are anti-counterfeiting plans launched by Amazon. The fundamental difference between them is that they take effect at different time points. The former is to prevent follow-up sales, while the latter is to drive away  AUB Directory follow-up sales. Transparency Program Principle of anti-follow-up selling: Amazon will provide a unique. QR code for the products of sellers who have registered for the transparency plan.

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