And then when I read about it in our community, I cry every single time. 13 things I learned from the Digital Revolution When I started thinking about my own business from the point of view of helping, the whole marketing opened up in a completely different way. Blogging just got easier. I noticed that the content did a great job of marketing and sales for me. from Blogger to Professionalâ„¢ coaching 8. Why it is important to collect an the reason why my business took off from day one. Building an email list in advance is the best advice I’ve ever received.

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Of course, your email list can grow quickly, but as a startup entrepreneur, you don’t have new database recognition or a brand to rely on. People simply don’t know who you are. When you collect an email list well in advance BEFORE starting a business, you already have a customer base. When I founded my company on November 1, 2015, I had a Facebook community with 22,000-25,000 members and about 1,000 people on the email list. 9. Give people only two options When a person has several options, decision-making becomes difficult. , the landing page should only have two options; register as a subscriber to the weekly newsletter or leave the page.

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 Why make things difficult and complicated? If you have 25 different products in your online store, how does the customer know which one they should buy right now? Or if you let the customer choose from 3 different price options, how much more work does the customer have to do to make a decision? When a person has two options, the decision is easy. Yes or no. Basic or Pro. One-time payment or installment payment. Let’s keep it simple10. Launch your product properly What is a launch? It is a sales AUB Directory event that usually lasts 1-3 weeks. Before the launch, you market the product in different ways. During the launch, you open the possibility to sign up for coaching.

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