Boomer generation is the most likely to recycle with 62% along with Generation X with 52%. In the case of Spain, 71% of Baby Boomers carried out some act of recycling compared to 45% of Generation Z. Ecological consumption habits Regarding changing consumption habits and routines, Dynata reveals that only 20% of Spaniards.

Willing to change consumption habits

To face climate change, even if it means top industry data spending more money. For their part, globally, 23% of users are not willing to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle if this means spending more money, with older generations being the least likely to allocate more money to consumer habits in favor of the environment. «At Dynata we work for privacy, veracity and transparency.

The recognition of each brand

Validate the audience and study the AUB Directory recognition of each brand. Knowing real data allows us to closely understand the demands, behavior and positioning of the market in general on issues as relevant to the global transformation of society as the environment and the constant changes in the climate that are undoubtedly conditioning the influencing the mentality of consumers.

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