Chromosomes are the carriers of heredity. They are found in every cell of the body. There are 23 Therefore. pairs of chromosomes in humans, which means 46 chromosomes in total. Each chromosome consists of two branches. One is descended from the mother, the other from the father. This is the inheritance of man, 50% descent from the mother and 50% descent from the father. Down syndrome, in fact, means that in the 21st pair of chromosomes, there is an extra chromosome or part of an extra chromosome. That is, instead of 23 pairs, there is one plus pair. Instead of 46 chromosomes there are 47 chromosomes. Depending on the level of genetic changes, there are different manifestations of the disease.

A child can be born with

Statistically, in 700 or one thousand births, in all countries of the world, a child with Down Germany Number Data syndrome is born. Somewhere, the heredity down-syndrome of this disease can be one percent. But it is considered that this is related to parents who give birth to children at an older age. If the parent gives birth to a child at the age of 30, one in a thousand children is born with Down syndrome, if the parent is born at the age of 35, then one in 350 children is born with Down syndrome, while at the age of 40 and over, one in eighty child is born with this syndrome.

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Discovery of Down syndrome

There are two ways to find out Brazil Phone Number List while the baby is in the womb. This is the screening method for the general population, which is relatively safe, that is, the triple test and diagnostic echo, while the other way is through diagnostic tests. Screening is for down-syndrome the general population, and its safety is These are relatively cheap and safe methods. it is revealed whether the. Child has Down syndrome or not.

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