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Simply paste the code below defineWPMEMORYLIMIT M Hosted with by WPCode click Use in WordPress . Moving wpcontent Directory WordPress allows you to move your wpcontent directory. Some experts believe that it can help strengthen WordPress security. You will need to add the following code to your wpconfig.php file define WPCONTENTDIR SERVERDOCUMENTROOT . blogwpcontent define WPCONTENTURLThe backup buddy FAQ told me to add this defineALTERNATEWPCRON true to my wpconfig.php file which now adds random numbers etc to URLs. Its this for me as removing it stops it but also stops backup buddy from working correctly. Reply David PascalJul .


Define WPPLUGINDIR SERVERDOCUMENTROOT . blogwpcontentplugins define WPPLUGINURL httpexampleblogwpcontentplugins Hosted with by WPCode click Use in Thailand Phone Number List WordPress Dont forget to replace with your own domain name. . Use Custom User Tables By default WordPress saves all user data in the tables wpusers and wpusermeta. By using the function below you can specify the table where you want your user information stored. defineCUSTOMUSERTABLE tableprefix.myusers defineCUSTOMUSERMETATABLE tableprefix.myusermeta Hosted with by.

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WordPress . Enable MultiSite Network Each WordPress site comes with a builtin multisite feature which allows you to create multiple WordPress sites using the same installation. To learn more see our complete guide on how to install and setup WordPress multisite network. You can enable multisite functionality by AUB Directory adding the following line to your WordPress configuration file defineWPALLOWMULTISITE true Hosted with by WPCode click Use in WordPress . Securing Your WordPress Configuration File As you can see the wpconfig.php file contains really important WordPress settings. By default it is located in the root WordPress folder but you can move it. It can be moved outside your publichtml directory so users cannot access it.

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