Telecommunications and digital. Covering in particular the energy. Shipbuilding. Transport and construction sectors. He question that guides the interview with mario is what are the most sought after professional figures today. But above all what are the skills to invest in to remain active in the job market? On which comp cloud and devops are the most sought after profiles quanta tech is able to give us a snapshot of what italian companies. Covering in the ict sector are looking for most in terms of profiles and skills. In the pandemic and postpandemic period.


The search for profiles operating

In the cloud infrastructure and devops development and operations sector has grown exponentially declares mario bellotti interviewe by ambrogio C Level Contact List braghetto of espero – given that numerous companies have converte to adapt to new digital contexts if they were less recognize before. With the pandemic these types of specialists have become fundamental for the business. The clou d profiles include a set of skills and specializations. From the cloud specialist who provides design and engineering skills. To the cloud computing architect who guides the designer and provides ideas for possible developments.


Up to the systems engineer who supports

C Level Contact List

The activities transition to a cloud computing environment. In the cloud sector. We at espero are also experiencing greater demand for AUB Directory training in system skills in this regard. The case of system integrator companies is emblematic . Asking our team of teachers for specializations on the integration of apple technologies into the it systems of large companies . Similarly. The devops paradigm embraces different skills. Namely development dev as development and design and operational capacity ops as operations. Representing a new organizational model characterize by collaboration and communication between areas traditionally distant from each other.

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