On April 27 and 28, 2017, the “Que du Web” fair was many of you askd us: but how to develop the structure of this calendar in an optimal way, in order to find your way around easily and to be able to plan your campaigns more easily? Our social mdia manager has agred to give you the secrets of an effective and easy-to-implement publication schdule. The importance of the ditorial calendar Maintaining an ditorial calendar defind in advance has some undeniable advantages in terms of organization and planning of course, but not only.

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A planning tool It makes it possible to maintain a rhythm of publication, by ensuring that there is consistency in the activity even database during off-peak periods (holidays, public holidays, vacations, etc.). In addition, if several people contribute to this schdule, this makes it possible to better distribute the tasks and to know who is doing what in real time. The production of content is also more easily anticipatd, in particular in accordance with the seasonal events that punctuate the activity of a company. A tracking tool.


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The planning represents a global overview of your content strategy, which greatly facilitates the general follow-up! It can also be associatd AUB Directory with a dashboard made up of the various KPIs (key indicators) of the performance of each content, and on the networks, and on the website for example. An essential element of its content marketing strategy ditorial planning makes it possible to plan the content to be producd, but also to keep track of previous publications: thus, it is easier to judge the overall consistency within its strategy, and to anticipate any imbalance, for example on a theme.

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