Thoughts darted here and there, feelings from side to side, from despair to escape terror, to anger and back to despair. While rambling for a while, I was able to gather my thoughts and put them in some kind of logical order. I sat down and looked at my expenses. I decided that everything that was not necessary from the point of view of being alive was allowed to go.

Using this same method, I

No more Friday dinner on ABC, no more coffee shops, fast food places or magazines. No trips, no movies, nothing fun… “Boring. My life will be completely new data boring.” To quote Robert Kiyosaki: “If you find yourself digging yourself into a hole, stop digging.” The following month what kind of shopping I did at the grocery store.

I decided to find out

 I collected every single receipt and recorded them in an excel sheet. I wanted to see where the biggest wear spots AUB Directory were. Then at the end of the month, when I did the tally, I almost fell off my chair. I had spent €230.00 on sweets in one month!! WHAT?!? How can a person be so stupid as to buy more than €200.00 worth of candy?! A bag of candy now and then, a bag of loose candies when renting a movie, Friday candies, Saturday candies… All you had to do was walk in front of the mirror and see what had been done. After half a year, the result of the first financial statement was clear.

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