Would you like to get more recommendations and referenced clients? Who doesn’t, right? And appear in the media, give presentations or be interviewed? How about working with affiliates who sell for you? Or maybe you dream of publishing a book? All of these are examples of business opportunities that you can also achieve. But how.You will ask yourself. You will like to know that there is only one thing you need to work on to achieve this type of strategic collaborations and in this week’s video I tell you exactly what it is and what actions to take.

You betray yourselfere

Have you ever thought that the reason why perhaps you email database haven’t gotten where you want or aren’t completely happy is because you only betray yourself? Let me explain.  When, for example: You boycott and abandon your dreams and desires for someone (children, partner, family and others included in that someone). You ignore or minimize your emotions, desires, and preferences for those of others. You revolve around someone, becoming their satellite, and making their desires and problems yours. Over functioning in the face of someone’s under function. 

Not creating

The space to be alone with yourself AUB Directory and identify what it is you want. Setting unattainable goals for yourself. Not accepting the good that life gives you. Thinking about how they can choose you instead of thinking about whether you actually choose that situation, opportunity or person. Do you see what I mean? Therefore, in the episode of this podcast I tell you the reasons for this self-abandonment and I give you a simple guideline to reverse this trend and, thus, achieve the life you really want.

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