Tell me something, do you like to sell? Or do you rather hate it and wish you didn’t have to do it? Maybe you think that selling is manipulating and the last thing you want is to come across as pushy. Or maybe you think that sales should come alone, that if someone wants to buy from you, they will already do it, but that it is not something that you should take care of.

 Manipulative or pushy

You see, selling doesn’t have to be a email leads manipulative act. Of course there are people whose selling is aggressive and who use unpleasant techniques, but that is not the type of selling that I recommend or the type that I teach in my business program. There is a way of selling that is kind and respectful as well as highly effective; a way of selling that does not play with the customer’s mind or emotions, that does not deceive.

Manipulative act

That’s why in this  video AUB Directory I show you how to sell without being manipulative or pushy. Just one more thing. You need to accept that by having a business you are in the world of sales and that as a small business owner it is your responsibility. The good thing is that I am convinced that what I tell you in this video will not only make you reconcile with the idea of ​​selling, 

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