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Each platform has its own specificity, and we will select activities that best emphasize the nature of the company and the meium. Increasingly, public relations services include responding to forum users’ comments or operating the company’s Twitter, which is a place for instant information dissemination. On the one hand, all this allows you to reach your customers at any time of the day or night. On the other hand, an image crisis can occur at any time. Hence, it is even more worth turning to the appropriate public relations agency for ongoing assistance.

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There are also tools that probably will never lose their power. These include lobbying, trips and events, press-kits, press releases and advertisements or sponsore materials in the press, radio, television, cinema or on billboards. Well-thought-out phone number list public relations strategies in such places can translate into targeting the perfect group of customers who will most likely buy your product or service. Let us act so that we can reach them. A record number of channels in public relations work Today’s image specialists in public relations use a record number of channels.

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In the past, they could reach a countless number of industry newspapers or TV stations. Today, it is impossible to list all the podcasts, influencers and portals important to your industry. Our specialists first conduct an in-depth market analysis, and then AUB Directory send the message to all those who may be intereste in your product. We do not limit ourselves to the beaten paths. Especially that today’s customers are more and more sensitive to promotional messages. New platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube or Instagram allow them to accept content with greater confidence and without the protective filters they use when reading the press or listening to the radio. Such a direct, user-friendly form of communication is the future of public relations strategy.

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