Which extend beyond his or her death” according to the Civil Code. After the death of a family member.  Everything becomes more complex.  Or there are usufructuary spouses. The right that a person has over an asset to enjoy and use it for life, not being able to sell it. What happens when there is a will? It is not always possible to divide the possession in two and pass each part.

If the situation arises in which there is no will. The real estate passes directly to the relatives of the deceased but certain peculiarities may arise: The deceased leaves a wife and children. The law dictates that the children will inherit equally. If the couple survives Hong Kong Phone Number Data  and has a marriage with community property, they would keep half of the house.  Marital assets the spouse who has not died has one third of the property in usufruct. If there is no Wife husband or children, the parents are the ones who inherit.

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What if you inherit only part of the house?

Another more particular context is that they inherit only part of the home. For example. if there are only two children, it would be shared equally. if one of them dies and at the same time has children, his children inherit the part that belonged Indonesia Phone Number List  their father and it is divided into as many parts as there are descendants. In such a way that, if there are  brothers. Would be divided into three. But what if the other brother dies. Several things can happen: If he does not have a wife or children: his share passes to his nephews by law and would be divided into as many parts as there are nephews. He leaves a wife and children.


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