To Start Earning Money From Advertising on Your Website, You Need an Adsense Account. If You Use Another Google Service, E.g. Gmail or Google Ads, Just Log in.once You’ve Set Up, Added Your Website Url and Connected Your Card, You Can Start Creating Ads. Remember, However, That They Will Only Be Displayed After Your Website Has Been Approved by the Google Adsense System.optimize Your Advertising Creation by Selecting the Size and Color of the Font and Background, the Size of the Advertising Box, Style, Border, Padding or Other Issues – Depending on the Type of Advertising.

Google AdSense Program Policies

Unfortunately, Not Every Website ws data Can Become Part of the Adsense Program. Google Reserves the Right to Select Reported Sites. What is Most Important is the Quality of the Content and the Topics It Covers. Sites Containing Content That Promotes Violence, Illegal Activities or Hatred Will Not Be Accepted by Adsense.
There Are Also Requirements Regarding the Advertisements Themselves. Website Owners Earn Money From Clicks, but You Are Not Allowed to Click on Your Own Ads or Generate Artificial Clicks or is Also Forbidden to Cheat and Confuse Users. They Should Know That Advertising is Advertising and Not Mere Content.

How to earn more by advertising on your website

Although Websites With a Small Aub Directory Reach Have a Chance to Get Into the Program, It Will Be Difficult for Them to Earn Anything. Google Pays for Clicks or Impressions, Depending on the Type of Ad. So if Your Website is Visited by One Person a Day, You Cannot Count on High Earnings.
What to Do to Increase Your Chance of Earning a Decent Income? Of Course, the Key to Success is Popularity and Wide Reach. You Need to Increase Traffic and the Number of Visits. The More Visits, the Greater the Chance That Someone Will Click on Your Ad. Popular Websites With Large Reach Can Also Count on Higher Rates Per Click,

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