This step can also be achieved with a separate annual clock, calibrated twice a year for example. Actual content and distribution channels can also be entered directly into the possible year clock. Agree on analysis and development of results Content marketing is often more like a marathon than a sprint, which is why it should be developed over the long term. In the content strategy, it is best to already agree on who or who will be responsible for analyzing the results and within . This way, development becomes part of the content marketing process. Content marketing should always be done strategically and focus on those measures that produce results.

What time frame the campaign will be developed

Avoid the typical pitfalls of content europe email list marketing Anna: “In my own experience, there are three most common reasons why content marketing fails: The content is not strategically produced based on business principles but is ad hoc The content strategy is borrowed directly from competitors Where copied, rather than tailored to your own business needs – This may seem like a simple solution, but it can lead to blind buying and  solution for the company’s situation – for example, It’s not suitable for companies that for whatever reason need to make a quick profit, but in that case the right solution is usually.

Content marketing being the wrong

a more sales-oriented approach AUB Directory that usually gets results faster.” Katja: “Absolutely , content marketing also has the potential to fail, but I see that even these so-called failures are only a good thing because you can learn from them and develop better. For example, if the contents cause stirring, the direction is upwards only. Of course, it’s important to always plan your content with the thought that they won’t offend anyone (emphasis on the word offensive, there will always be people who hurt other people’s feelings). Perhaps the most critical failure of content marketing is being afraid to try or not being prepared to prioritize the quality of your content. Challenges that may arise may be a lack of skills or resources: the inability to produce the conceived content.

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