The search, incit by the successive and strange death of more monks, will take him to the impregnable library of the abbey, a point where the threads will be ti that will little by little lead the story to an outcome ting with dark irony. In addition to this famous novel, Eco publish five others: Foucault’s Pendulum , Baudolino , The Island of the Day Before , The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana , The Prague Cemetery , and the aforemention Number Zero . His second novel, Foucault’s Pendulum , whose plot unfolds in the realms of occultism, takes the human search for absolutes to surreal extremes.

All Possible Worlds the

 The novel, publish in 1988, begins at the end: Casaubon, the narrator character, terrifi by the course that events have taken, has manag to remain in the Paris observatory after it has been clos to the public, because there he goes to take place an event of extreme importance and key to explaining the labyrinth of situations that have been occurring. Crouch in a corner, he will wait for the set time to find out what will happen there. Here the story undergoes an extensive digression. Casaubon will tell us in what delirious way an innocent business email list intellectual trick was transform into a terrifying reality by inventing relationships between the most absurd fantasies that little by little he, Diotallevi and Jacopo Belbo – his dear friends – have been creating under the delirious belief in the existence of a legendary Templar plan to take over the world.

Reflection That the

 In both works there is a distrust of language and also of the possibility of apprehending the ultimate principles of a reality that refuses to give human beings the keys to existence: these are two assumptions that constitute, if possible, the declaration of the principles of a thinker like Eco who dicat himself to delving into AUB Directory the intricacies of sense and meaning through his famous studies on semiotics . Like any high-quality literary creation, these two novels introduce a host of questions that bring us closer to those radical questions that, absurd or not, make up this mysterious world.

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