Now you have three solutions to insert an image into the post: Choose from content already in the archive. Enter the URL of the file. Upload a new image. Go to the last option, the most common one. A new window will open with a button that will allow you to take a look at the files on your computer. Choose the file you want to upload: this is enough to insert your visual content into a WordPress post or page. A window will open where you can find. How to insert images on posts There are several ways to upload photos to WP. The most common? Go to the article you are editing, place the cursor where you want to upload, click on the button to insert a WordPress Gutenberg bloc

Like the image URL

But how do you take care of the various details? On the old version of WordPress, once you clicked on the file another window opened with a series of very business email list important fields to evaluate. Like the image URL , which is the address of the file in the directory. Now all the entries are found in the sidebar. Dedicated to the block on the right of your screen. A window will open where you can find. Here you have several commands. Hen there are advanced options such as the title of the image.

This way you can avoid the two

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Quick method drag drop to word press curiosity. Did you know that to upload an image, with the latest versions of word press you simply drag and drop from the Aub Directory desktop to the article? Leave the image inside the and it will load automatically. This way you can avoid the two or three steps required for the classic upload with a click on the button. Some commands for managing images.

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