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A good interview Phantombuster Phantombuster is a generalist scraping. Platform that covers a lot linkin use cases. Phantombuster linkin scraping tool They also extract data from other social mias like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. phantom buster scrape linkinType Generalist scraping tool Works on Linkin, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Features: Scrape linkin profiles Export linkin searches and list Export group members and event attendees Export posts menters and likers Find emails Pricing.

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On the number of hours you make their scraper seo expate bd run per month. The AI crits you ne and the numbers of scrapers (phantoms) you use. Stater: $ Pro: $ Team: $ phantombuster pricing . LaGrowthMachine LaGrowthMacthine is. A multichannel outreach tool that helps sales teams and recruiters to benefit from the most advanc growth techniques, without any technical skills. The main goal of the tool is to automate linkin messages and connection requests sending, but you can also export linkin searches with it. lagrowthmachine linkin scraping tool. Type Multichannel outreach tool Works on Linkin, Sales Navigator Features. Automate follow-ups. Send linkin messages Send connection request Send emails Send Linkin voice messages Shar.

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Is includ CRM integrations AI messages AUB Directory Pricing. Free trial: € month Basic: € month Pro: € month Ultimate: € month lagrowthmachine pricing . Texau Texau allows you to connect automations together, build powerful workflows, grab the data or generate leads in minutes. texau linkin scraping tool Like Phantombuster, they are a generalist scraping platform, but they have a lot of linkin automations and scraping features. Type Generalist scraping tool Works on Linkin, Sales Navigator Features: Export search and lists Export group membersExport event attendees Export posts menters and likers Pricing: Starter: $ month Growth: $ month Agency: $ month texau pricing . Captain Data Captain Data is a no-code platform that extracts, aggregates, and integrates data. It allows sales and ops teams to create automat workflows and save time.

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