Instagram pinned or pinned, already have a long history, so it is time for you to take them into account in your strategy . At Oink we like to make the most o How pin posts  all the functions that social networks give us for our brands and businesses, that’s why we are going to give you a lot of super cool ideas so that you can turn these three  into key content for your profile . Ready to create a real first impact with your Instagram profile? You may also be intereste.

 The content format has nothing  How pin posts 

The  Instagram Collabs and how to make sharednstagram .Reels algorithm how it works and how to get followers Super. Instagram tips you didn’t know a few other tricks. How to pin  on Instagram What are pinned  Before explaining how to post s on Instagram executive email list and giving you ideas. You’ll have to be clear about what we’re talking about. Right Easy peasy! These are the first three  that appear. At the beginning of any profile’s feed as long as they appear with this symbol: What are pinned  on Instagram? Image source: happily dwell.

 The visual power 

This means that they are specifically chosen to appear pinned to the beginning of the profile. This is a function that both the current example later pinned on tiktok and on Image source: Later We could say that it is a function similar to featured stories , but at the same time AUB Directory nothing to do with it. I’ll tell you why: Why pin on Instagram? It may seem like it does more or less the same thing as featured stories, but pinningn Instagram will bring you very different advantages. via GIPHY ​What strategic differences are there between featured stories and pinned posts? To begin with, the visual power that these three posts have , which is not even comparable to that of featured ones. And although.

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