55% of Advertisers Will Invest More in E-mail

The recipient can find more information. Along with the AOL Email List order form. Robert W. Bly, consultant and copywriter, recommends the following 55% of Advertisers  combination in DM News magazine: 1. Short email and simple page: Some leading Internet advertising companies use short. Emails with a link to a simple page. This usually contains a few paragraphs explaining the offer. The order form so that interested customers can send. Their information ordering the product or requesting more information. This format is similar in length and style to the traditional one-sheet sales letter with response card.

Communication actions such as sponsorship

Which will account for 18.4% of the money. Allocated to executive data marketing actions in 2002. The e-Dialog survey is based on responses from 302 US advertisers. There is other research, this time from GartnerG2. That gives an idea of ​​how much that 24.3% that we referred to previously could mean in money. The consulting firm estimates that income from e-mail marketing. The US will reach 1,300 million dollars (1,416 million euros) this year. 400 million more than in 2001. For 2005 it is expected to reach 1,500 million dollars (1,633 million euros).


Long email and simple page:

It is similar to the first except for the length AUB Directory of the email. This format is comparable to the traditional mailing with. A three or four page letter. A small order card included 55% of Advertisers in the envelope. Long email and microsite. This format includes a long email and a large page known as a microsite that is displayed. When accessing a link. Unlike the simple page, which normally consists of a single screen, the microsite is a type of small website. It can have several pages or be a single document. These formats are ideal when inserting very long text or when you want to include animations and attractive images.

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